Avoid The Extreme Heat: Tips To Prepare You For Your Infrared Sauna Session

If traditional saunas are too hot for you, it's time for a change. It's time to book a session in an infrared sauna. Infrared saunas provide the same relief as traditional saunas. But, infrared saunas do the work at a lower temperature. That means you can enjoy the benefits without the intense heat. This is great when your body is sensitive to extreme temperatures. If you've never used an infrared sauna before, you do need to prepare for your session. Read the list provided below. Here are four steps to prepare you for your infrared sauna session

Start On the Low Side

When it comes to your infrared sauna session, you want to start off slow. Because there's lower heat, you might think you should max out the temperature setting. That's not the case though. The heat might be less intense, but you still want to give your body time to adjust. This is especially important if you've never used any type of sauna before. Starting out on lower temperature settings will give your body time to adjust. As your body adjusts to the heat, you can adjust the temperature setting during your session. 

Stick With Short Sessions

If you're used to longer sauna sessions, you might be tempted to do this in the infrared sauna too. But, you want to give yourself time to adjust to the different environment. Instead of setting the timer for a full sauna session, keep your sessions short. Several short infrared sauna sessions each week is better than one long session. The shorter sessions let your body absorb the healing heat. 

Drink Plenty of Water

If you've scheduled your first infrared sauna session, you might think you can go without water. That's not the case though. The temperatures might be lower, but you still need plenty of hydration. You'll do a lot of sweating during your infrared sauna. The loss of fluids can leave you feeling sick and fatigued. To avoid that, bring water with you to your session. That way, you can stay hydrated while you enjoy the sauna. Don't like plain water? Try adding an electrolyte drink powder to your water bottle. You'll stay hydrated, and you'll enjoy the added benefits of the electrolytes. 

Take Time to Refresh

If you're going in for an infrared sauna session, don't rush to the exit. You might want to leave as soon as your session is over, but that's not the best plan of action. Instead, give yourself time to shower once you're done with your sauna session. You might not know this, but you'll flush a lot of toxins out of your body during your infrared sauna session. A refreshing shower will help you get rid of those toxins.