Should You Be Including A Collagen Source In Your Diet?

If you like to visit health food stores, you've probably noticed a trend lately. Collagen supplements are popping up all over the place and so are bone broths that are rich in collagen. Who are these supplements for? Could you benefit from a collagen powder or from including bone broth in your diet? Probably. Collagen offers a lot of benefits; here are a few. Collagen helps promote healthy joints. Your joints contain collagen.

Ways To Improve Your Services As A Personal Trainer

Working as a personal trainer can be a very rewarding career. However, some personal trainers struggle to find the clients they need to earn a good income. If you want to attract more clients, the best thing to do is become a better trainer who offers better services. Here are a few ways to do just that. 1. Take healthy lifestyle courses. More and more these days, clients are looking to personal trainers not just for training advice but also for lifestyle advice.

Using Hemp CBD Flower In Your Life

The cannabis industry is taking off, and it appears that CBD, particularly, will become a major factor. Most recently, the sale of CBD products reached close to $1 billion for medical use. This is a wonder plant that is helping people with a lot of problems, big and small.  Below we'll dive into CBD, what it entails, and how you can use it to better your life.  What is CBD? Learning All About This Wonder Plant and its Benefits

Fertility Acupuncture: What To Expect During Your First Session

According to the National Infertility Association, 12 percent of married couples struggle with infertility, which is defined as the inability to get pregnant after actively trying for 12 months. If you've been struggling with infertility, chances are you've tried just about everything to get pregnant. Fertility acupuncture is an option several women and couples explore, and if you are taking this natural approach, you need to prepare for your first appointment.

Don't Wait Until After The Holidays To Get Into Shape: 2 Lifestyle Changes To Incorporate Right Away

Every year it's the same thing, people spend the holidays overindulging and then decide that they need to get healthy and go on a crash diet. This happens over and over again, and the results are the same. It's a cycle and something that most people should try and avoid as it's not healthy to go on extreme diets nor is it healthy to eat a lot of food with the expectation that you can fix it by going on an unhealthy diet.