FAQS For Those New To Psych-K Healing

When looking for alternative treatments, look no further than the power within your own mind. Turning inward to analyze your subconscious may help you with health and relationships.

Those who believe in the power of the mind look to Psych-K to help change their subconscious beliefs and eliminate thoughts that limit their overall wellbeing.

Before trying psych-k, you probably have many questions. Read on to find the answers to some of the most common questions surrounding this healing process.

How Does Psych-K Work?

Psych-K stands for psyche and key, which means it's the key to your mind. The goal is to change beliefs in your subconscious mind. The thoughts hidden in your subconscious are invisible but often cause patterns or behaviors that prevent you from doing, being or feeling the way you want.

With the help of a psych-K facilitator, you identify and change these self-sabotaging thoughts. Once you identify and transform your subconscious beliefs, you are able to reach a wanted outcome.

During a session with a facilitator, find an upsetting challenge and any circumstances contributing to that challenge. Once identified, you describe the belief that holds you back.

After you've identified these thoughts, you are instructed to replace them with life-enhancing beliefs, instead of self-sabotaging beliefs.

How Can Psych-K Help?

Using the power of your mind to open up and eliminate the self-sabotaging thoughts, you can create a change in your life. 

Psych-K healing helps in various aspects of life.

  • Addictions
  • Behavioral problems
  • Inner peace
  • Greater connection with a higher power
  • Increase assertiveness
  • Healthier habits and body
  • Better sleep
  • Resolved anger
  • Better self-esteem

This is just a partial list of the benefits associated with psych-k. This healing process is said to bring about positive results in many areas of your life. This includes relationships, spiritual connections, phobias and other issues. 

How Do I Learn Psych-K?

Psych-k is effective for those who are committed to seeing results. This process is best suited for highly-determined and responsible individuals ready to confront unpleasant and uncomfortably held beliefs.

While a facilitator helps with psych-k healing sessions, you can learn some techniques to use on your own such as using positive affirmations to replace those bad subconscious thoughts with more powerful positive thoughts.

To get the most out of psych-k healing, it's a good idea to work with a facilitator or someone knowledgeable in the process to help you get the most of the program.