The Pros And Cons Of Undergoing IV Hydration Treatment After A Night Of Heavy Drinking

After a night of heavy drinking, it is common to feel more than a little bit under the weather. This is largely, although not entirely, due to dehydration caused by the alcohol. For years, people have focused on drinking electrolyte beverages to chase off this hangover, but more recently, some have begun undergoing IV hydration therapy instead.

A number of IV treatment centers and lounges have opened up in most major cities, allowing people to get IV treatment basically on-demand. But is undergoing IV hydration therapy a good idea for you after a night of heavy drinking? You'll have to read through these pros and cons, and then decide for yourself.

Pro: You become re-hydrated quickly

Sure, you could drink some Gatorade to rehydrate yourself, but it has to pass through your digestive tract and into your bloodstream first. So, it may actually take a half-day or more of drinking fluids to actually bring your hydration levels up substantially. IV hydration therapy, on the other hand, bypasses your digestive tract and puts the fluids right into your bloodstream, so you're rehydrated within about 30 minutes.

Con: There's a small risk of infection

IV treatment centers should be using proper sanitation protocols to keep the risk of infection very low. But there is still some risk of infection whenever your skin is pierced with an IV needle. If you have a fragile immune system, this may be a reason to reconsider IV hydration therapy.

Pro: You'll be getting the right balance of electrolytes

When you lose fluid during a night of drinking, you also lose electrolytes. Replacing these electrolytes along with the fluid is essential. But if you were to rely on beverages and food to replace the electrolytes, you'd be playing a guessing game and hoping your body absorbs what's needed from what's ingested. You don't have to play this game with IV therapy. The fluid you're given will contain the right balance of various electrolytes and minerals for your body.

Con: You do have to go to the treatment center

In order to get IV therapy, you do have to go to a treatment center. If you're hungover, you may not be in the mood to catch a ride to the treatment center, and you may rather re-hydrate at home by drinking fluids, even though that takes a bit longer.

If you can make it to a treatment center, IV hydration therapy is a fast, effective way to recover from a hangover. Talk to a doctor or practitioner if you have any remaining questions about IV treatment