Can CBD Help Manage Depression?

If you are suffering from major depression, it is always a good idea to work with your doctor and a therapist to ensure you get the help you need. Sometimes prescription medications are appropriate, but other times, you may seek something a bit milder to help you through a bout of depression. CBD is one option you can try. While it is not a substitute for qualified medical care, it can be a good addition to your doctor-recommended routine. Here's a closer look at how to use it and how it works.

How does CBD help with depression?

CBD does not appear to directly treat depression, which is why it should not be used as a primary treatment. However, it does have some effects that can help manage depression. CBD is really good at helping ease anxiety. Many cases of depression co-occur with anxiety, so taking CBD can get the anxiety under control so patients can focus on otherwise healing their depression. CBD can also help improve focus. If your depression makes it hard for you to stay focused on tasks and motivate yourself to get things done, this can be really helpful. Once you start getting things done and accomplishing more, you may feel less depressed.

How should you take CBD?

There are many different ways to utilize CBD. You can take capsules, inhale CBD from a vaporizer, or even apply a CBD cream to your skin. When using CBD for depression, you're best off choosing a method that allows you to use small amounts of CBD throughout the day. Vaping works well for a lot of people; you can take a puff of CBD every hour or so, whenever you start to feel down. CBD gummies and candies also work well. You can buy low-dose ones with just 5 mg of CBD and take one every hour or so.

Are there any side effects of CBD to worry about?

Side effects of CBD are really rare. Some patients do start to feel tired and sluggish, but this usually just means they are taking too much. Occasionally, patients will find that CBD increases their appetite and causes them to snack unnecessarily, leading to weight gain. If this is an issue for you, try adding a little more exercise to your routine to compensate. Exercise is great for easing depression, too!

CBD may not directly treat depression, but it can be really helpful for easing some of the co-related conditions and effects of depression. It's affordable and safe, and it's a smart thing to add to your routine.