5 Essential Oils To Help Ease Your Stress And Anxiety

Long recognized for their beneficial qualities, essential oils are more than just a pleasant scent. From emotional therapy to pain relief, essential oils are widely used to improve overall health and mood. There are 5 essential oils that are especially beneficial when it comes to treating and relieving stress and anxiety. Lavender Lavender has long been used as a disinfectant, perfume, aphrodisiac, insect repellant and deodorant. Known as a relaxing and calming herb, it is often used to provide natural stress relief, as well as treat anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Struggling With Persistent Fatigue? Tips For Giving Those Energy Levels A Kick

Whether it's a mid-afternoon bout of sluggishness or difficulties being at your best in the morning, an energy boost can make a big difference in your day. Although many people typically reach for a cup of coffee, there are other options for getting a sustained energy boost without the caffeine. Here are several more natural options for helping you restore the pep into your step. Get Moving The more active you are, the more energy you will have.